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OBAGI® REBALANCE Skin Barrier Recovery Cream


Calming Postbiotic Moisturizer

OBAGI REBALANCE Skin Barrier Recovery Cream works to sooth skin with an innovative, proprietary blend of postbiotics, hydrating agents, and soothing ingredients that help restore and rebalance the skin microbiome.

Key benefits

• Comfort skin after in office treatments like peels or lasers • Restore hydration immediately and with continued use
• Rebalance and maintain the microbiome

Key ingredients


Powerful-yet-soothing to help restore the microbiome


Calms irritation and helps skin recover


Essential to healthy skin and a balanced skin barrier

Skin barrier supporting ingredients:


Reduces irritation and reveals a more radiant complexion


Boosts hydration and helps maintain the skin barrier

How to use it

• Apply 2-4 pumps directly to desired area morning and evening (or as needed) • Follow with an application of sunscreen in the morning

Clinical results

100% of study participants showed an improvement in skin hydration* 94% of study participants felt the product**:

• Relieved the dry, itchy feel of post- procedure skin • Was well tolerated by their sensitized skin
• Soothed and hydrated post-procedure skin

Product sizes

Retail 1.7 OZ (48 g)

Skin Concern - Post Procedure Skin Sensitized Skin Compromised Skin Dehydrate Skin, Acne or Blemish Prone

Skin Type - Normal, Dry, Oily or Combination

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